International Students

While You're Here

International Students

While You're Here

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What are your clubs and activities that I can join?

    All clubs and their descriptions are listed on our website. Please click here for more information.

    There are also a variety of sports offered throughout the year. To help the international students feel more at home within the AQ family, an international student club was formed in 2016. In this club, new international students get help from others that have been here for a couple years. This is also a great chance for international students to form close connections with each other and learn about each other’s cultures.

  • Is there before or after school transportation?

    No, there is not. Since Aquinas is a private school and many kids get back and forth on public school busses, there is no transportation available before or after school hours. If students need to stay after school to get extra help, or stay for an extracurricular activity, they must find their own ride home.

  • I need to stay after school for extra help or for an after school activity, but I do not have a ride home. What can I do?

    Ask your host parents if they have another way to get you home. If they do not, please contact your AQ Coordinator. 

  • I need a tutor. Who should I talk to about getting one?

    Senior NHS students are available to tutor you if needed. However, if you don’t want a student tutor, please see the Interantional Coordinator for an alternative option.

  • Can I go back home for holidays and breaks?

    It is strongly recommended by the school and the agencies that you do not go back to your country for break, with the exception of summer break. Students who choose to go home for a shorter break are at an increased risk of getting sick due to the body's inability to adjust to time changes in such a short amount of time. Students who go home for the shorter breaks are also in jeopardy of not receiving credit for their courses. The student handbook states, “To receive credit for a one semester course, the student’s class absences cannot exceed 10. To receive credit for a year long’s course, the student’s class absences cannot exceed 20.” Please speak with your AQ coordinator before making any decisions regarding travel during breaks.

  • How do international students adapt to being part of the Aquinas community?

    All of Aquinas’ students, including its international students, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and each student’s transition is unique. There is a strong support system in place to help students as they adjust to life in the U.S. and at Aquinas. Students can adapt easily by making new friends in their classes or lunches, but the best way to meet new friends is to join a sport, club, or other activity.

  • I feel homesick. How can I get over that?

    Just remember that this feeling is totally normal and okay to have! Going to school in a different country, surrounded by a completely new environment is something many adults would not be able to do. Talk to your host family, they may be able to offer advice to help you overcome your homesickness. Or, you can always reach out to trusted adults on campus - who are here to assist you in any way. Also, consider joining the international student club, which meets once a month after school. This is a good way to overcome homesickness because you’ll be able to chat with people who are in the same situation as you, even some from your native country, which will make you feel a little less homesick.

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